All About The NHOL
Welcome to the National Hockey Online League (NHOL)
The league is a place for people who play and enjoy NHL 22 video game on the PS4.
The group is a fun mature group, that get together and play games under a controlled and friendly environment.
We have players that play under a set of rules and guidelines where quitting a game is never allowed.
Everyone goes through a short orientation process where they are instructed on how the NHOL Community works.
We have elite, average and people that are new to the game in the community.
Players are placed in leagues based on game play ability so games are fun and competitive.
Some of our top players rank in the top 100 in the world will even give you free one on one tips about the game.
Ages young, or old everyone gets placed in a league for their ability.
There are free video games and PSN cards available to win for either winning leagues, playing lots of games, random drawings,
or a series of fun aspects of the game where strategy and mental ability can be as powerful as a great deker or shooter is.
This page is your information area where you can get all the answers for your questions about the NHOL and its affiliated leagues.
If the answers are not found here you can contact the Commissioner via email at NationalHockeyOnlineLeagues@Gmail.Com

Eligibility For League Membership
The NHOL has an open membership to anyone who enjoys playing Electronic Art's NHL video game.
The NHOL Leagues match people up so they are playing with opponents of equal ability, so the games are competitive and fun.
We have a mixture of league members who are both new to playing the game and experienced game players.
There are certain rules, guidelines, and standards that must be adhered to whether it is game play or sportsmanship.
Step 1- Fill out a Join The League Application.
Step 2- A league staff member will contact you via email to set you up in whatever NHOL leagues you wish to play in.
Step 3- Please send and/or accept a friend request from the league staff member.
Step 4- Download the free chat application from Microsoft called Discord.
All of the set up and game matchups will take place using the Discord App.
Step 5- Once you talk to a league staff member you will be added to the appropriate league chatroom.
You are eligible to play in as many league options we have.

NHOL League Descriptions
The NHOL has 3 league modes for EA NHL 22.
NHOL Versus 1vs1 Leagues -- NHOL Rated Random League-- EASHL 6s or 3s.

NHOL Versus 1vs1 Leagues
Participation in the Versus League requires you to play an entire season and the playoffs with one NHL team.
A small amount of game statistics are required to be entered by the winning team each and every game.
At the end of the season a draft will take place where you can draft a new NHL team for the following season.
Top players will be placed in League 1, above average players in League 2, average players in League 3 and beginners or players of limited abilities in League 4.
At the end of each season players will move up or down to a higher or lower League depending upon their records.
Unlike other Versus Leagues, our leagues operate with a fun twist. Everyone makes the playoffs.
This way everyone gets the excitement of being in a playoff tournament and stays in the Community for the entire season whether they are 28-1 or 3-26.
Your record with individual teams, and record head to head with NHOL members will be tracked lifetime.
You will have an individual profile page with all of your records listed for each season and lifetimes stats tracked.

Participation in the Rated Random League (RRL) Season allows you to play as much or as little as you wish, playing with  random games from the current NHL season schedule.
Listed on our sites schedule of random games.
The only statistics entered at  the end of the game are who represented which team and who won or lost.
Your record with individual teams, and record head to head with NHOL members will be tracked lifetime.
Each RRL player has a rating that fluctuates with the outcome of each game.
You will have an individual profile page with all of your records listed for each season and lifetimes stats tracked.
The ranking will be based on your rating.
Prize Programs For Our Random League are available.
You can win great prizes including games and PSN cards by either being a great player, a great mind in one of our strategy game, or just darn lucky in one of the NHOL Community Giveaways.

EASHL 6s or 3s
The NHOL offers 2 Leagues in EASHL.
The EASHL 6vs6 League      The EASHL 3vs3 League

We encourage our members to play in as many of the leagues they wish to.
The random league is especially good for players who want to learn the nuances of the EA NHL video game, or members who love playing the game, and are tired of quitters playing Versus games online against no name people.

Communication between league members is the most important factor in your continued participation in the NHOL.
The 3 methods of communication used are:
Discord: We have extremely active chat rooms that is not only a great way to get games but to have lots of fun.
PSN Messages

Game Broadcast
Perhaps the best innovation on the PS4 system is the ability to broadcast your games via the share option.
Years ago when the broadcast feature was introduced there was some lag effect, but currently there is little to none.
We strongly recommend you sign up for an account at http://www.twitch.tv/ or youtube.com.
It is exciting to watch fellow league members battle it out on the ice.
When setting up your game please put National Hockey Online League in the description.

Read The Game Play Rules
We have a couple of basic no nonsense rules, that a league staff member will explain to you.
The #1 rule is to use sportsmanship in your game play no matter what league you are involved in, never ever quit game, and a zero tolerance towards chat room misbehavior or arguing.
If there is a problem speak to a League Admin.

These are the basics if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Thank You The NHOL Administrative Staff

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