EURO Teams League Rules

Game Settings

Regural Season

Eight teams are divided into two groups with four teams each . You must play every opponent twice (home & away)
Check your group opponents in main menu under Standings.


Tie Breaking System

Play Off

How to arange the Game

Use groupME chat to search and arrange games againts your opponent, it is a good practice to write good luck (GL) before and good game (GG) after every game.

Playing Games

Everyone will play the same amount of the game as per schedule, you do not need to follow the exact schedule order, make sure you mention ID of the game so both opponents are aware which game will be played. Make sure you follow who is playing home or away.

How to send Result

Send it in groupME EURO Group - ID of the game + result + ps4 of the winner
Example: [ ID:1 | wladoD | 2:3RT (or OT) ]



Our members are people you will play numerous times, this is not like playing unknown people in EA. There is absolutely no complaining in main chatrooms about your opponents gameplay, glitches, or anything. No political or racial comments either. We have players as young as 15 and as old as 70 in our group.

Sportsmanship and Mercy Rule

Whenever up by 5 goals or more you must dump the puck fall back and play defense. The NHOL Is a league based on sportsmanship we have this rule not to humiliate an opponent and in the history of the NHOL no team has ever won when down by 5 goals in over 10,000 games played by community members.