How To Play

Welcome to NHOL - NHL Versus Rated Random League

Playing in the RRL is easy and fun. Just follow the easy steps and get in on the fast paced action of 1vs1 NHL 21

Step 1 - Join the National Hockey Online League Here

Step 2 - Set up your ID on GroupMe. Example: PSN--TuBiRoMaN--AlexL

Step 3 - Ask a NHOL Community Member to play a RRL game.

Step 4 - One player randomizes the match. System automatically assign teams.

Step 5 - Home Team Player (Bottom of the result) sends a PlayStation invite to play and off you go.

Step 6 - At the end of the game, the winner fills in the score with the Report.

Step 7 - Watch all your game satistics and individual RRL Rating on your Profile Page.

Step 8 - Play RRL games in order to get a Versus League team

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