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About The NHOL
Welcome to the National Hockey Online League (NHOL)
The league is a place for people who play and enjoy NHL19 video game on the PS4.
The group is a fun mature group, that get together and play games under a controlled and friendly environment.
We have players that play under a set of rules and guidelines where quitting a game is never allowed.
The Hut Exchange is a chatroom to make trades for HUT cards or collectibles with fellow NHOL members.
The HUT Exchange Chatroom is a great way to trade your cards or collectibles with your NHOL HUT Brothers.
If for one of of your NHOL HUT Leagues or you main HUT account get great deals on the exchange and post what your looking for or offering.
Any questions or comments just email the NHOL Administrators at Admin@NHOL.Leaguesonline.Net

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