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About The NHOL
Welcome to the National Hockey Online League (NHOL)
The league is a place for people who play and enjoy NHL19 video game on the PS4.
The group is a fun mature group, that get together and play games under a controlled and friendly environment.
We have players that play under a set of rules and guidelines where quitting a game is never allowed.
NHOL Base Card League
Play against 30 other owners in a 29 game season using base cards only.
This league is great for people that want to draft a team and easily collect a teams base cards and battle against other teams.
Teams will bid using HUT coins for the rights to each team in an open auction method.
Bidded HUT Coins and a $5,000 HUT Coin entrance fee will be used for season ending prizes for CUP Championship, Runnerup, and Consolation Winner.
An open auction for teams will take place on Sunday February 27th at 5PM EST.
For details please look at the Base Card League Page. 
Any questions or comments just email the NHOL Administrators at Admin@NHOL.Leaguesonline.Net

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