Welcome to the NHOL Community.
I will give you some information to get you set to play.
It covers the basics how the Leagues work in our group.
If you have questions at anytime just ask.

Your probably wondering why we do this detailed orientation and the reason is that our leagues are structured, there is a method, and reason why we do everything.
We orientate every new member so they understand how the NHOL Community system works for all modes of EA NHL 22 play in our group.

It may seem like a lot of information but we want you to understand how it works and after a few games playing everything comes clear and in focus.

 Our leagues are for players with a mature manner, and where sportsmanship is our #1 rule. We have a lot of fun here!
It doesn't matter if your a great player or just a beginner learning to play. We have a spot for you.
Our average age is 34 years old, we have players as young as 16 and as old as 70.

The NHOL Community has been in existence 8 years.
Starting with just 12 players who were friends in a Madden League.

We have leagues for Versus 1vs1 and Eashl.
You are welcome to play in as many leagues as you choose.

For EASHL a league Admin will contact you and set you up to play there.

Our 1vs1 Versus Leagues are extremely popular

There are two ways to play Versus 1vs1.
The Team 1vs1 League (Team) and the Rated Random League 1vs1 (RRL).
Most all our Community members play in both leagues.

The Team and RRL Leagues are two totally separate Leagues.

In the Team Leagues you play the entire season with 1 team you draft, and at the end of the season you draft a new team based on how you finished in the standings and playoffs.
The Team league has 2 seasons per year.

In the Rated Random League you are assigned a different random team each time you play against your opponent every game.
A Random Game Generator on our website sets up the match between 2 Community Members.

Everyone who plays Versus 1vs1 starts in the RRL.
Once you have played 3 or 4 RRL games there you get offered a team in one of the Team Leagues.
Playing these 3-4 RRL games is an evaluation period because we have no idea if you have elite game play ability, average, or below average, and want to place you in the proper team league.

I will explain the Rated Random League (RRL) to you shortly, first the Team League.


The Team Leagues have 6 groups based on ability.
League 1 (L1) for our top elite players
League 2 (L2) for excellent players
League 3 (L3) for tier 1 above average players
League 4 (L4) is for tier 2 above average players
Lwague 5 (L5) for average players
League 6 (L6) for beginners, casual players, and folks who aren't that good but like to play.

In L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6 each league has  31 owners playing with 1 team they select/draft for a season.
Our team leagues for Versus play have just begun and are using NHL 22, our 17th season overall.
We will be able to get you into one of the leagues, as we have a few spots still open in the leagues.
You will be draft a team from any available open teams for this season, and at the end of the season you will draft a new team based on your record.
At the end of each season we draft new teams with the worst record drafting first and so on down the line.
Each season you could have a different team.

At the end of the regular season every team makes the playoffs. 
All 31 teams.

Any open game on your schedule can be played at anytime during the season, you do not have to play the games in order. You could play game 37, then game 8, then game 39.
We do not play at designated times, you play when you can.

You can come into the Discord Team League chat room and ask to play your opponents, or meet there to set a time to play.
We do ask that you look on the schedule to see who is home and who is away each game.

Owners must play at least 90% of their scheduled games to be playoff eligible, and all though that is considered playoff eligible most of our team league owners play all of their games.
In our 7 years of our Team leagues we have played over 48
,000 scheduled games, and less than 1,500 games were not played and computer simulated.
Everyone takes playing their scheduled games seriously.
We understand sometimes its hard to get a hold of your opponent due to real life events, time zones, etc.
The league Administrators monitor the situation, and will work with you to get your games in against your opponents.

At the end of the season Team League Owners, usually NHOL Cup Champions, runners up, or President Cup winners are promoted to a higher league.
Or you can ask to go up or down from a league (example League 2 up to League 1) or (example League 2 down to League 3) in a lower league.

For all of our leagues we record every game in every mode of play to your individual member history.
So unlike EA that resets your records each season ours will run on forever.

For Team League Games we record Team stats for every game played.
Individual player stats like goal scorers, assists, goalies saves, and goals allowed.
We have a dynamic website, that makes entering the stats for Team League quite easy.
We have tutorials to show you how to enter stats and look over the website.
You will receive an email with all of the website links and user names once we set you up in the Team League.

Here is a link to one of our Stats websites take a look.


After the first time or 2 entering game stats takes about 5 minutes.
The winner of the game enters all game stats,
Once you play a game or two the entire system comes into focus.
A league administrator will work with you and show you exactly how the team league works.

 So that is how our Team 1vs1 league work.

 Now let me explain to you the Rated Random League (RRL) which is step 1 to start playing in the NHOL.


The RRL and the Team Leagues, are two separate leagues, but two different ways for you to play Versus 1vs1 in the community.

Even though we use the RRL for your 3 or 4 game evaluation period before we give you a team in the Team League, the RRL is a league that allows Team league players from L1 to L6 to play against each other, using random teams assigned to you each game.
Every game you use a different team in the RRL.
It also is a great way to see the strengths and weaknesses of other teams besides the team you drafted, or your favorite teams.
It also allows you to work on your game play ability against top players, and to scout community members game play styles.

You can play any NHOL Community member as many times as you wish.

 One of the players goes on the RRL website, to our Game Generator (Randomizer), and puts the names of the players and clicks the generate button.
The website will tell us  what teams are assigned to which player for that game.
One player will post a screen shot in the chat room so the opponent knows what team they have been assigned.


 When the game is over, unlike the Team leagues that have detailed game stats all we enter is the score, including Overtime if applicable, and what community members played.


The RRL is not only a League it is a game within a game the main goal is play as much as you can.

There are 2 RRL Tournaments per year:
Each RRL Season and this is Season 6, we play Random Generated Matchups over 2 sessions.
From Mid September till Mid March and Mid March till August 31

 The 30 Community members with the most RRL games played select one of the 31 teams, which leaves 1 team.
 The last 1 team is picked from a special play in tournament, of all the NHOL Community members.
Unlike the regular season where you are playing with Random teams, you play the playoffs with that one team you draft.

 After the playoffs end, and the RRL Cup Champion is crowned we award PSN cards to the winner $50--Runnerup, 3rd place and 4th $20 as a reward.

Each season of RRL your individual stats also get updated.
Unlike Team league games that have detailed stats, all we enter for RRL games is who played, who won, and what was the score.
You individual stats include Wins, Losses, Goals For/Against, and your Individual Player Rating.
Your rating starts at 1500 rating.
If you play another 1500 rated player and win you might go up 15 points in your rating.
If you lose maybe down 15.
If you play a highly rated player and win maybe 25 points, if you lose maybe down 10 points.

Like I said earlier the RRL is a great league to work on your game in a relaxed setting, we consider it our local pickup rink.

So that is how our 2 Versus 1vs 1 Leagues work.
I know I gave you  a lot of information.

If you have any questions please ask the NHOL Admin that is setting you up.

Just a few more things we are almost done

As far as Game play rules for both leagues we have some simple rules.

If the game is lagging right away talk to your opponent and either restart the game or play at a later time.
Lag is rare these days and we have good connections with players from Australia to Europe.

Our most important rule is the Sportsmanship Rule and it is as follows:

If at any time during the game you go up by 6 goals, you cannot shoot at the opposing goalie.
You must skate the puck over center ice or the blue line dump it in and fall back and play defense.
Let the person retrieve the puck do not start attacking until he clears his own blue line.
If your opponent scores to cut the lead to 5 goals, you can then try to score again.
You may ask why we have this rule and it is because no one wants to get embarrassed.
It usually does not come into play in the Team leagues, but can in RRL where you have elite players playing average or new players.

Game Play Settings are all default but the Overtime Settings.
Overtime sets at 5 on 5 Continuous Sudden Death OT, playing till someone scores.
You can change your lines all you wish but no using scratched or injured players.
In Team league games you will be required to have your backup goalies play 300 minutes of the season, in RRL Starting goalies are always used.

Everyone in the community is friendly and gets along.
All of our players say Good Luck (GL) and Good Game (GG)  after the game ends.
Our members are people you will play numerous times, this is not like playing unknown people in EA.
There is absolutely no complaining in main chat rooms about your opponents game play, glitches, or anything.
No political or racial comments either. The use of the N word will receive an instant ban from any Chatroom associated with the NHOL
Can you swear, we do not condone it and Admins may ask you to tone it down.
Remember we do have females in the community, sexually explicit comments should never take place.
Then you can moan all you want how EA screwed you.

We have 2 Chatrooms on the Discord Chat App One for the Team Leagues another for the RRL.
I will add you to the RRL chatroom now and when your ready to go you can play.
When in the chatroom just ask for a RRL game.

Any questions or comments just email the NHOL Administrators

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