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All of our leagues are for mature people who like to play in structured leagues.
All players are placed in leagues based on game play ability
If your an elite player or a beginner we have a league for you.
A veteran community member explains to you how everything works.
POSTED 5-20-21
Dear Versus League Team Owner,
When I sent out your welcome emails to this season I stated the season would end at the end of May or early June.
I have reviewed every player in the league the last 2 days and the good percentage of players have been actively playing, but some of you that asked for teams have not.
I am setting the end date for the season on Tuesday June 29th at 1159 PM PST.
One of the things we do in the NHOL is a statement that says all teams make the playoffs with 90% of their games played.
So if you have been slacking you have 5 plus weeks to crank out your games.
I do not like players that sign up then fade away if they are losing games or for whatever reason.
I do not ask these players to participate in future leagues, so before you message me that you're quitting or do not respond to messages.
I suggest if you wish to be a part of the NHOL going forward, you get going playing your open games.
People in the NHOL are good sports and do not turn tail when things get tough.
I will be watching everyone closely with their activity going forward.

POSTED 2-10-21
Dear Versus League Player,

Congratulations on another successful season for the NHOL Versus Group.
We have again added another great crop of new players to our group.

The Playoffs will begin Thursday or Friday depending on how fast I process the data placed on the Stats websites.
Each person will be reviewed to see how active they were and how many games they played.
In addition some people will have games simulated against people that were inactive playing this season.
If you are holding any screenshots from games you must enter them now, otherwise you will not get credit for the game played and could possibly cost you a spot in the playoffs.
I will be starting with League 6 and working my way up to League 1 so get those stats in.

All playoff series will be a best of 7 games, 
I am unsure of the amount of byes each conference will have but any teams that were DQed will have subs playing from lower level leagues.
We need to move quickly through the playoffs as we cannot start another season until a champ is declared.

Season 18
The draft will be based upon how you finished in the regular season plus the playoffs.
Also some players will be moved up or down a league based upon how they finished the season.
As soon as the first round in each league is complete the draft board will be posted and you will be able to draft a team of your choosing based on how you are ranked in the draft

An email will be sent out and news posted in the chat once your league is open for playoffs.

Dear NHOL Member,

2020 was a tough year for everyone but a great year for the NHOL.
Hoping Santa left a PS5 under your tree!
Growth in both our EASHL and Versus Leagues was great.

Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche and Manager Matt winners of the Season 4 NHOL Cup in our 3v3 League.
A new season starts in a couple of weeks and now is the time to get into our chat and get those games in to show your game play skills before the next draft of players.
For season 5 we have added some great new managers who are gung-ho about managing a team.
Season 6 will have an expansion from 16 to 20 teams as we continue our growth.
6v6 Leagues will begin play with a series of tournaments then league set up shortly after the 3v3 starts play.
Versus leagues will be setting the Season 17 end of season deadline on January 1st.
We have a few open teams left in our 6 leagues and if you have interest to join up just contact Trev.
Our Versus leagues do not play at scheduled times games take place when you're free to play.
We also have a drop in league for Versus called the Rated Random League which is a great way to play an occasional game or learn how to play.
Hall Of Fame Inductees
Our 2020 NHOL Hall Of Fame class will be announced New Years Eve.
Members in the Hall Of Fame are not always great players but members of the community that have been long standing high character people.
For any of our group we are always looking for your friends or family to join up.
Word of mouth is our best recruitment tool.
If you have anyone interested please have them fill out a registration form and download groupme and after a short orientation they will be set. The link is:
Please folks be careful out there Covid is a serious threat to the health of all of us.
Yes younger people are not as affected by it but to us old farts its deadly.
Any questions or comments hit me up omn Groupme.
Happy Holidays,
Greetings NHOL Members,
Second of all please stay safe out there with the rise of Covid-19, do not take anything for granted with this deadly virus.
Now onto new and fun things for the NHOL.
The NHOL is always looking at new and exciting fun ways to play in our leagues. 
The following lists all the available options you have or upcoming events and new leagues.  
Versus Leagues Update
Our Versus 1v1 Leagues has opened with 6 Leagues L1 to L6.
People placed in L1 are our best players on down to L6.
We still have just a few open spots available in our 1v1 leagues so if you wish to give it a go please message Trev on Groupme and he will set you up.
Most of our EASHL players compete in our Versus 1v1 Leagues and unlike EASHL that has a set time to play scheduled games our Versus leagues you play when you are available to play. So if you have never given it a shot now is a great time to do so.
New Versus 2v2 Leagues
Many people have asked about playing Versus 2v2 leagues, and we have begun  to open them up for play.
They will work as follows:
You can play with any partner you choose to play with.
The partner can be in the NHOL or be a new registered player in the group.
Players will be placed in a league based on game skills.
There will be 2 leagues. Leagues 1 for elite players, and Above Average Players, and League 2 for Average and Casual Players.
Each team will draft a NHL team from the available 31 teams in the NHL.
You can play at any time, as all of our Versus leagues schedule is when you and your partner are available to play.
Once you state your desire to play you will be emailed draft information, and added to the Groupme Versus 2v2 Chatroom.
If you do not have a partner we can pair you up with another solo partner.
Other Sports Leagues
The NHOL is part of the Leaguesonline.Net Video Gaming Sports Group.
We have existing leagues in MLB and Madden.
Our MLB league is looking for 2 or 3 players who like playing in a casual yet competitive group.
We will now be expanding to a FIFA Champions League and to NBA versus and EASHL style leagues.

If you are interested in playing in our Versus Leagues either 1v1 or 2v2 or our MLB group please private message me on Groupme.
Dear Versus League Team Owner,
The NHOL Versus Leagues have always played OT as a 5 on 5 Continuous OT.
This was always the default setting for Friends matches, but has been changed by EA this year.
We will continue to play 5 on 5 continuous, and listed below is the method to do so.
When the home team hits X to start the game this screen comes up:
Please Change Rules to Custom
Then Tie Break To Continuous OT
POSTED 4-14-20
Dear NHOL Team Owner,

I want to write each of you with an update on the Versus leagues.

With the seriousness of the Corona Virus out there I understand how many lives have been thrown into turmoil.

With quarantining happening, some people out of work, or whatever life issues I understand how things can be tough on you and your families.

That being said currently the Versus Team Leagues are very active in most cases.

Traditionally, new members join the group enjoy playing and have fun.

About 25% of the new people go into what I call ghost mode. Not playing, not responding to communications.

These communications include message on the play station, email, and Groupme messages.

I will be sending out an email with the subject message "A personal message from Trev" shortly.

If you receive this message and not respond on Groupme you will be removed from the leagues.

I have no problem when a player completes a season, and declares they will not be playing the following season.

Being a member in a Versus League allows you to come and go but if you leave in the middle of a season that is a problem.

The NHOL Team Leagues is not a revolving door.

Players are expected to be active, and communicate if there are any issues.

My formula for membership in the NHOL is simple if you leave in the middle of a season that is Strike 1.

If you do it again that is Strike 2 you will never be a part of the NHOL Team Leagues again.

The end of season right now is scheduled for late May/ early June.

The same for the Rated Random Season.

When the playoffs complete for Season 16 the Team leagues will be shutdown for about 6 weeks with only RRL play open for Versus play.

For you new folks look at the amount of games you have and look at your schedule how many you have played.

For veteran players get going. If you have been a part of the original draft for Season 16 and you are under 20 games that is a problem you are way behind.

I have 95% of the people on my Friends list in the league. If I do not you will be getting a friends request from me tonight.

I see people playing many different games, at all hours of the day and night.

I monitor who comes into the chat and looks for games.

The message here is simple GET ACTIVE AND GET PLAYING!


UPDATED 3-31-20
Dear Alumni League Owner,

The Playoffs are now open for play.

The following system will be used for the playoffs.

Teams seeded 8 and 9 will be playing a Best of 3 for the final spot in the playoffs.

All other series will be a Best of 5 games.

The division finals will be 1 games as both teams will head to the final 4 in each league.

Home and away for each playoff will be 1-1-1 for the best of, and 2-2-1 for the Best of 5 with the higher ranked seed home first.

Game stats will be sent to my PSN Trevipapp, in the form of Play station screenshots only.

If you do not know how to take a screenshot on the playstation ask.



The following pictures are to be sent.






The following are the listed brackets for both A1 and A2

All 1st round games must be completed by April 6th next Monday Night at 1159 PST.


A new season for Alumni play will begin shortly with a draft held this weekend.

I expect better participation if you intend on participating.

I will be emailing out tomorrow for people wanting to participate, please hold off messaging me or replying to this email till then.

If you have any questions please ask, I will be on this morning around noon EST.


UPDATED 3-21-20

Dear NHOL Community Member,

In these times with the Corona Virus I am hoping that you and your loved ones are safe, no matter where you are located.

Please be careful out there and for you younger guys and girls, think safety first.

Older members of your family are susceptible to this virus and even though younger people are healthy you may transmit it to them.

I just wanted to update everyone what the NHOL has going on to maybe take your mind off of things.


We currently have 7 Versus Team Leagues and our Rated Random Play, taking place.

If you are looking to join one of our Team Versus Leagues we have a few spots open, just reply to this email if you wish to join in.

For some of you that have not been around for awhile our Rated Random League website and method of play have been totally redesigned thanks to one of our Web Gurus Alex L.

Take a look and join in on the fun at the following link:  NHOL RATED RANDOM LEAGUE

Again reply to this email if you wish to participate.


We are starting season 2 of our 3 vs 3 EASHL League.

Season 1 was a lot of fun and Team Managers are drafting players for Season 2 this Monday night 3-23.

Season 2 will begin play the following Friday 3-27.

If you wish to participate you must fill out the EASHL PLAYER DRAFT FORM.

We will add you to the chat room and the draft pool of players once you fill out the form.

That is it for now folks.

Stay safe this will pass.



Dear NHOL Member,

Each year twice a year we hold 2 RRL tournaments it works as follows:

The tournament will be 31 teams using the current 31 NHL Teams.

There are two ways to qualify.

1-If you are 1-30 in most games played you will select one of the 31 teams available in a draft, and use that team throughout the playoff tournament.

If you go to the RRL Website click the Leagues Drop Down Box, then RRL Season 5 you can then look at the current leaders for Ratings or Games Played.


2- If you do not qualify for the 1-30 most games played you can qualify for the last spot at a special play in tournament.

The special play in tournament will take place on Saturday February 8th at 930 PM EST. 

The draft of teams will take place Sunday February 9th at 8 PM EST.

There will be two ways to draft either to be on hand when your draft selection is called or to submit a list of teams based on your draft #.

Failure to either be on hand or to submit a team will drop you to the bottom of the draft list.

There will be a 5 minute time from the time you are called to be "On the Clock", to make your selection.

Once the draft is completed the playoffs will open for play and all series will be a best of 5 games rounds 1-3 and rounds 4 and 5 will be a best of 7.

Winner of the tournament will receive a $50 Play Station Network card, and runner up a $20 card.

All games from now till Sunday February 2nd at 1159 Pacific Standard Time will count towards your game play totals.

At 1159 PST Season 5 of the Rated Random League will end.

Beginning Monday February 3rd we will begin RRL season 6, unveiling our new Rated Random League Website designed by Alex L.

It looks great and stats will immediately update after the winner enters them on the site.

That's it for now guys and Tara.



Dear NHOL Community Member,

Writing to you, and to the many new people that have joined the NHOL recently with some some information about new things happening in the community.

First of all the NHOL is part of the Leaguesonline.Net Group of Sports Video Games.

This currently includes NHL, MLB, and FIFA.

We will be expanding to NBA2k after the first of the new year, and Madden in the next few weeks.

In order to facilitate you into whatever game or mode of a game, we are asking everyone to complete the NHOL Community Member Survey after reading this message.


NHOL EASHL World of Chel

This weekend we will begin the initial opening our our EASHL group.

It will work as follows:

Everyone will be added to the EASHL Chatroom.

Games will be played withing the community against fellow community members, these games will not alter your existing EASHL stats in any way.

In about 3 weeks team general managers will select from a draft of the current talent for teams of 3vs3 with human goalies.

There will be between 6-8 teams in the first season with 6-8 members on each team.

This is the time to strut your stuff out on the ice.

I understand that some of you have never played, or do not like EASHL.

Generally the reasons were because you were playing drop in games with insane individuals, who had no cohesion as a group, and were foul or offensive in their behavior or language.


Having a headset is useful but not necessary. We ask that any players join a party chat and listen to chat and type in the Groupme chatroom so communication is open.
A second option is the new phone app called second screen that allows you to text into the party and receive voice to text replies

A separate email is going out shortly with all of the instructions on how to with all of the needed links and procedures on how to play.


NHOL Versus 1 vs 1 Leagues

The Team leagues are near capacity. The current season ends mid January, a specific date will be determined soon.

If you were a have friends you think might like the NHOL, or your a former member of the group, please message Trev about any interest.

NHOL Euroleague

A specific NHOL League dedicated to our friends over the pond in Europe for Versus 1 vs 1 has been created by one of our web masters.

League admins will be meeting this week on the exact setup for it.

With the time difference and the amount of people from Europe now joining the NHOL we feel these folks need their own Group going forward.

If you are in our European group please complete the PLAYER SURVEY LISTED BELOW

NHOL Rated Random Tournaments/Session Playoffs

Every month we hold a 2 RRL Tournaments that are double elimination, and quite fun. 

The next set of tournaments will take place December 14th at 2 PM EST and 900 PM EST.

You can play in both.

Winner gets bumped up in the next Team League draft.

The session playoffs take place 2x a year.

They work as follows:

The top 28 players with the most games played select 1 of the NHL20 teams to use throughout the playoff in a draft format.

Three other players from all of the community that have played at least 1 RRL game this session can qualify for one of the last 3 spots in the tournament through a special play in tournament.

Winner of the tournament receives a $50 PSN card and the runner up and consolation winner a $20 card.

To see where you stand check out your individual profiles and game leaders on the RRL website.



If you are a FIFA player we are implementing FIFA into our group.

The same model that we use in NHL of a RRL, Team Leagues, and a FUT group are being put in place with the FIFA RRL open now for play.

If you are a hardcore or casual FIFA player I suggest you join our group and give it a try as we determine player's abilities to place them in a team league.


Our existing MLB league is in its second year of play.

MLB is a great game and extremely realistic.

Again we are using the same Model of RRL, Team, and Diamond Dynasty the MLBversion of Ultimate teams in our model here

If you are a hardcore or casual MLB player I suggest you join our group and give it a try in some RRL play.


I myself played in Madden leagues for over 10 years online.

The US guys generally love Madden.

We have a large group of existing Madden players and are expanding to a Madden RRL and a Team league in the next 2 weeks.


Yes hoopsters we will be opening up NBA 2k leagues after the new year.


The Leaguesonline.Net group goal is to provide leagues to you in a nice fun environment, structured leagues, great people playing together, and  without any hassles.
We know that many of you cross over and play other games.
You do not have to be a great player to participate, just willing to learn

In order to facilitate this please complete the


Thanks Trev


Any questions or comments just email the NHOL Administrators at NationalHockeyOnlineLeagues@Gmail.Com

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