POSTED 7-6-21
Dear NHOL Player,

I have reset the teams for the North American Tournament with some new managers/captains running the teams.

Please check what team you have been placed on and change your name to the proper abbreviation.

Friday night will start with a series of exhibition games against your opponents listed on the schedule.
Managers and Captains please set up double the games if enough personnel is on hand meaning 2 series of 4 games each for the exhibition rounds.

Please check the following link for all information needed for the tournament and play in rounds.


If you do not see your name on the rosters please contact Trev on Groupme and I will add you on.

If you wish to opt out please contact Trev on Groupme or reply to this email.

Any questions please ask.



POSTED 6-23-21
Dear NHOL Member,
I want to clarify a few things for all of you veteran NHOL people and some of you that are new to our group.
The North American Tournament will be played with a slight delay of a week as we reorganize the players to specific teams.
With the Canada day holiday and the USA 4th of July it is probably best to do so.
In regards to people leaving the group I want to clarify what happened and what will happen going forward.
I am all about the NHOL leagues.
Whether it is Versus mode, or EASHL leagues.
One of the Admins decided to start his own 3v3 league which is his prerogative to do.
He is a fine individual and someone I like a lot.
He was a plus for the group of Admins and did a lot to help out the group.
When he told me about this I made a mistake.
I should have told him at that point I cannot have a league owner from another league as an Admin in our group.
In assessing the situation a week later I saw that it would impact the group and told him it's time to step down as an Admin
and he can continue to be a manager of a team and/or a player in the league.
This resulted in other players and friends of his taking exception to this, and leaving the group.
All of these people are not only excellent players but were never a problem in the NHOL.
Again people can think and have their own opinions that is everyone's right.
Since this took place I have been called Kim Jung Un, Hitler, sworn at, told I am old and senile, and probably going to die soon.
All immature things.
I will always talk to people and discuss things as long as they do not get insulting or act in a threatening manner.
All this being said the NHOL will always be here.
We have a great group of people and I am hoping as many of the people that left will return when they wish.
I appreciate your participation and look forward to having fun in the seasons ahead.
POSTED 6-23-21
Dear NHOL Registered Player,
The 2nd Annual NHOL North American 3v3 EASHL Olympic  style Tournament is open for sign up, if you do not see your name already assigned to a team.
If you are assigned and wish to opt out please reply to this email or message Trev on Groupme or Discord.
If you are new to the Group we will be moving to Discord in the next few days from Groupme, and can be added to chats there also shortly.
If you have friends that wish to participate please have them register at the following link:
Please reach out to your team manager if on a roster already and change your name in the chat to the following
example:   CAN-ONT4(Trevipapp)TrevP
The tournament was a lot of fun last year, and we have doubled the teams to 20 Geographical areas
 spread throughout the USA and Canada this year.
For players looking to get scouted for the next Season 7 3v3 Draft League it is a great way to show your skills.
Great skills are one of the attributes managers look for in a player but the keys to being on a team is:
Good communications with management, and a good attitude.
I will be available to answer your questions on Groupme or via email.
POSTED 6-20-21
POSTED 6-18-21
Dear NHOL EASHL Player,
I would like to review a few things happening in the NHOL.
The Season 6 3v3 Championship kicks off tonight at 1000 EST and will be streamed in both the 3v3 and the 6v6 chats.
Montreal represents the East against Chicago representing the West for a  second consecutive championship..
We will begin the move to Discord Thursday and Friday 6/24 and 6/25.
Information and invites will be sent to you.
As a warning Bots are being put in place that will kick you for any obscene language.
So clean up your language in the chat.
Any memes with swear words will be noted by Admins and bans will take place also.
The second annual Summer North American Tournament will begin play Sunday 6/27 at 1000 EST.
Game night will be Fridays and Sundays at 1000 EST.
Here is the scoop on how it works:
Teams are put together by your location. (Province or State.)
Multiple teams from areas such as British Columbia or Ontario will be in the tournament.
Consider this tournament like the Olympics you play to represent your Geographical location.
Last year's winners hail from the USA Atlantic Team.
Teams will be announced Thursday and each team will have a Manager and a couple of Captains
A series of games will take place before the tournament for Tournament seeding..
This is a great time to refer your friends to the NHOL so they are ready to go for the 7th season. 
Please pass them the NHOL Registration Link and put your name in the referral area.
The 6v6 Season opened play last night, but it's not too late to join in and be added to a team.
Just message Trev on Discord and we will add you to a squad.
The 3v3 League will begin after the North American Tournament in about 6 weeks.
Season 7 will feature an expansion to 24 teams from the current 18 as the NHOL continues its growth.
With the exception of one manager 17 of 18 managers from Season 6 have elected to manage for Season 7.
The expansion managers have been assigned and we have begun a wait list for the next expansion after Season 7.
That is it for now guys if you have any questions please DM me on Discord.
Thanks Trev
POSTED 6-12-21
Dear Registered NHOL Player,
The 6v6 Draft will take place in the 6v6 chat room at 1000 EST.
The Season 2 award ceremonies will take place at 900 EST before the draft starts.
Please check that you are listed on the draft board at the link below:
If you do not see your name on the draft board contact Trev immediately on Discord.
The draft will be broadcast using zoom and a link will be posted in the chat.
Open to the first 100 players that want to watch and attend.
You must mute your microphone unless you are a manager or team captain drafting.
Once the draft is completed your team manager will contact you and add you to his Team chatroom.
The manager and Captain will hold a series of practices then.
The first series of games will begin on Thursday 6-17 at 1000 EST.
All weekly games will take place on Thursdays and Saturday nights at 1000 EST.
All weekly matches will  have 4 games scheduled.
The teams will all have about 14 or 15 people on each team so there will be plenty of people to cover all the games.
If you have any further questions or comments please ask myself or any of the Team Managers in the chat.
POSTED 6-3-21
Dear Registered NHOL EASHL Member,
I want to give you updates and some options for games, leagues, and tournaments in the next few weeks, and into the fall season with NHL 22.
Most of you are active players in the groups we have.
For those of you who haven't been active in awhile the NHOL is at its highest level of membership in both our 3v3 leagues, and our new 6v6 leagues.
A link will be posted at the bottom of this email with options for signing up to play.
We started running a 6v6 league at the beginning of the year and it has become quite popular.
A new season's draft will take place in 10 days with all new teams.
We are adding an additional 2 teams to the league this season as we continue to grow.
In order to manage a team in the 6v6 league you must play at least 1 season in the league at which point you can apply to manage.
We will be expanding to 4-6 more EASHL 6v6 teams following the next season so now is the time to get playing and get approved.
In addition to league play we have a very active chatroom where you can join in for RP games or ask players to join you.
If you have friends interested in playing all they have to do is register on the
NHOL Website.
If you wish to play 6v6, the option to join will be in the link below.

Our current 3v3 Season is in the playoffs right now, and will be completed shortly but there are many options to play 3v3 in our group.
These tournaments and open RP play will allow you to establish yourself in the league over the next 2 months.
1-Once Season 6 ends we will immediately have teams set up for our summer league and tournament called the NHOL North American Olympics.
The Olympics set up teams in every geographical area in North America and play a seeding league followed by an
Olympic Style Tournament for bragging rights from your area.
Some areas such as Ontario, Alberta, and Vancouver have multiple teams representing their areas.
This is our second year doing the tourney.
The tournament is also a great way to meet new players from your area.
Any friends you have are welcome to join the group.
All they need to do is register on the NHOL Website.
It is essential that you fill in your geographical area( State or Province) if you wish to play in the North American Tournament.
2-Random Tournaments beginning at 1000 PM EST on announced nights we will be holding tournaments
where you will get rated with wins, losses, and a CR rating for all games played.
If you can't make it at 1000 we always need subs at 11 12 and even 1am.
3-RP and pickup games take place 24-7 in our very active and lively chat.
Maybe you want to join in with people that need a player or 2 or maybe you need players for your group.
Pick up and RP games are a great way to showcase your game skills to team managers and captains who are always scouting players for League drafts.
Some of you have requested to manage teams in our 3v3 League in the following season.
In the link below in addition to other options please check off your interest in managing a 3v3 or 6v6 team.
In about 2 -3 the NHOL will begin the transition to Discord chats.
You will be sent details about the move soon.

Our 3v3 League Season 6 Awards were held last night. If you wish to review all the winners just go to

That is it for now guys.

Please complete the following:
Player Profile And Sign Up Form.



POSTED 3-16-21
I have updated the Draft Board, the Free Agents, and the Rosters.
If any changes need to be made please let me know via private message in Discord.
I will update it as soon as changes are made to the draft and rosters.
The Free Agent list right now needs some work.
I have to cross check all of the chatrooms to make sure everyone is in the chats or have sent in their Player Profiles.
If you know of anyone you referred to the group and they are not listed please PM me.
If you see any players you have scouted and they are not listed on the Free Agents PM me.
I will have a more refined list tomorrow.
The draft is this Sunday at 900 EST, and will be viewed throughout the NHOL via zoom.
A google spreadsheet will also be used so you can monitor the players as they are selected and who will be available.
Here is the list of Links, and this email  will also be posted on the EASHL News Page.
Each page connects to the other page also for quick viewing.
That's it for now boys.
POSTED 3-11-21
Dear Registered NHOL EASHL Player,

We have just completed another successful season in our EASHL leagues for 3v3 and 6v6.
Congratulations to 3v3 Champion Buffalo and 6v6 Champion Stlouis.
The NHOL will be sending out information for the next seasons on Saturday 3-13 regarding the draft, and the start of new seasons.
Both 3v3 and 6v6 leagues will be expanding by 2 teams in each league as we continue our growth.
If you are a veteran free agent and unprotected by your last team, or you are a player who has not played in the NHOL EASHL leagues for awhile please complete the following player profile link:

We will begin playing tryout tournaments for all existing and new players.
Protected or unprotected players and all new Free Agents players to the leagues for all leagues starting tomorrow night Friday 3-12.
Admins or I will be running the tryouts and setting up the games.
The schedule will be as follows:
FRIDAY           3-12  1000 PM EST  3V3
SATURDAY      3-13   200 PM EST   6V6
SATURDAY      3-13   1000 PM EST 3V3
SUNDAY           3-14    200  PM EST  3V3
SUNDAY           3-14    900   PM EST   6V6
MONDAY           3-15    800   PM EST   3V3
MONDAY           3-16    800   PM EST   6V6
TUESDAY          3-16   1100   PM EST  3V3
WEDNESDAY     3-17   800   PM EST  3V3
WEDNESDAY     3-17  1100   PM EST 6V6
FRIDAY                 TBD
SATURDAY           TBD
If you can not make it at the times listed just show up at any time as subs are always need.

At times players ask to be taken out of the draft or removed from teams for a season or even permanently. 
That is fine with the NHOL but going forward any player that declares themselves out for the next season will be removed from the chat rooms
and not eligible to return till the following season.
If you have already asked to sit out or to be permanently removed and  if you do not declare yourself back in by
Saturday evening at 700 PM EST you will be removed from the chats and declared ineligible to be drafted for the next season.

That is it for now guys please look for a follow-up email Saturday with more important information.
POSTED 2/25/21
Dear NHOL 6v6 Player,
If you have signed up to play in the NHOL 6v6 League please read the following information.
Please excuse the length of this post, but I want to give you some important information regarding the NHOL 6v6 League.

The NHOL has been in existence 8 years and what started out as a Group to play Versus has grown to include our popular 3v3 league and now this 6v6 league.
I want everyone to understand this first season is a season to get organized into teams, and to basically get a head count so we are organized going forward to the next season.
The 6v6 league will not be a league with 4 teams in it.
Each new season (as each season is short) it will grow with additional teams added to it.
We are taking baby steps as we grow and 6v6 is an extremely popular mode of EA NHL to play and I have no doubt it will be very busy as we grow.
I ask for your patience as we set things up.
Each team is being stacked with players and I understand that everyone wants to play.
In 6v6 and one the critical elements is team chemistry.
This takes time.
About 60% of this group is made up of fellows who are managers, captains, or veterans of our popular 3v3 group.
The rest of you are new to the 6v6 group and even in the NHOL.
The managers will be setting up multiple games every Thursday and Saturday night at 1000 EST for you to play. 
Multiple games at the same time, we would like to have at least 12 players on hand for each set of games each night so all players can interact and learn with each other going forward to season 2.
It doesn't mean anything if you are playing the main league or the farm games the managers will work you.
They are experienced at doing this but have a lot of new people tossed at them through the auto assign process.
For Season 2 we will be adding Tuesday night games also.
All we ask is that you check in with your manager many hours beforehand so they can put together lines and teams together. If it is a game day do not wait till 945 to check in with your managers, or show up late and wonder why he has you sitting.
There is a series of games scheduled tonight at 1000EST.
This coming Saturday we will be ending the regular season.
For season 2 I am looking for 2 more managers to run teams, if you wish to do so please private message me on Discord and I will consider it or add you to the waiting list for management.

You can see all the roster and stats for the leagues at the following page:

So in closing please be patient, communicate with your managers, and ask questions.
Unlike other groups or leagues the NHOL prides itself on being a mature group.
We have alot of fun but look down on any people taking personal shots at others.
This is a league that is personalized. Everyone here can be a friend and a great teammate.
Just as the kids say chill and you will be a part of a wonderful community.
Thanks again, Trev
POSTED 2/21/21
Dear NHOL 3v3 League Member,

The Season 5 Regular Season is in the books and it was an excellent season and I would have to say our most successful one at that.
Each season the league gets better and better.
This next season we will be expanding to 18 teams with 9 teams in each conference.
The following management changes are as follows:
Owen YourDadLeftYou1 will be the new manager of Detroit.
Jacob Jsquarz1 will be the new manager of Montreal.
Jon C Chag86 will be the new manager of Ottawa.
Ryan XSabrexwolfx will be the new manager of Winnipeg.
The two expansion managers will be Dan L WealthyBacon and Gary Lampkin99 with team names to be determined.
I know a few of you have asked to be management also, this is not to say we are saying no.
We will be expanding again to at least 2 teams for Season 7 and up to 6 to meet our target goal of 24 teams for the 3v3 league. 
Please contact me  if you wish to manage via Discord private message and I will add you to the waiting list.
For those of you who play 6v6 we have the 6v6 league up and running for a few weeks now with very large teams and will be starting season 2 in a couple of weeks.
Games are played on Thursdays and Saturday nights.
You can still be placed on a team just ask me and I will assign you to an existing team.

Season 5 Playoffs and Awards
Tuesday night at 1000 PM EST I will be announcing the Season 5 awards for the regular season in the main chatroom.

Playoff games for round 1 will begin Wednesday 2/24 at 1000 EST and be completed Friday 2/26 at 1000 EST. The managers will agree before the series starts to either play 4 games Wednesday and 3 Friday or 3 Wednesday and 4 Friday.
Round 2 will begin Sunday 2/28 at 900 EST and be completed Wednesday 1000 EST 3/3
Round 3 will begin Friday 1000 EST 3/5 and be completed Sunday 900 EST 3/7
Round 4 the Cup finals will begin Friday 3/12 and be completed Sunday 3/14.
The Season 6 draft will take place Sunday 3/21 with a time TBD at tomorrow's management meeting.
Once round 1 is over I will be hosting REL Tournament games for any teams that are eliminated or any free agents new or old Mondays Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays.
Closing Message
We have tried very hard to have the main chatroom be a place  where a lot of fun can take place without getting into personal immature squabbles.
It has gotten much better but every now and then someone still loses their minds.
With the playoffs history tells us there could be frustration over games and things could get hot.
I want to remind everyone to think twice before you send that message that could get you into hot water.
Let's have a solid tournament and do your talking out on the ice.
If you have any questions please private message me or Brent on Discord and we will do our best to answer you or find the answer.
Good luck men and may the best team bring home the NHOL Cup!

POSTED 1-14-21
Dear NHOL EASHL Player,

I would like to announce 2 new fun modes of EASHL play I am opening up for the NHOL.
A 6v6 League and a 3v3 Friends League.
Details are as follows:

6v6 Details
I am looking for 4-6 people to Captain the teams so if you wish to Captain a team please private message me on Discord and I will select 4-6 Captains. from the applicants.
Existing NHOL 3v3 Managers or Captains will be chosen first from the list of applicants.
The first season of 6v6 I am looking at 4-6 teams to work out the kinks of how the league will operate.  
The teams will be very large rosters of 12-15 players per team.
Players will be auto assigned by me for the first season or 2 then subsequent seasons we will begin holding drafts for teams with expansion in mind.
Games will be scheduled for Thursday and Saturday Nights  with 3 games per night starting at 1000 PM EST.
As we begin formation of this group I am setting up a separate chat room specifically for 6v6 play.
If you wish to join the group please click the follow link to join the 6v6 Discord chat:
Once in the chat please change your name to PSN-First Name Last Initial.
If you have any problems joining please message me on Discord.
In about a week once we get a headcount we will assign the teams and play will begin.

New 3v3 Friends League
We are opening up a new group for 3v3 play.
The NHOL 3v3 Friends League.
It will be a league where you are able to play with teams you assemble with friends or people you wish to have on teams with you.
All players must be registered in the NHOL group if they are not already registered.
If you have a friend who might be interested in playing with you and is not a member of the NHOL they can register on the NHOL Website:
There will be an open schedule for this much like we use in our Versus leagues, where opponents ask to play whenever they are free or arrange to play at a set time against opponents.
Before you start messaging me with your teams please hold off on doing so till next Thursday 1-21-21 when I will be emailing a form for teams and participants to join.
In the meantime start assembling your teams of no more than 6 players per team.
A team Captain, and a Team Name.
I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the 6v6 or 3v3 Friends Groups.
The best way is to private message me on Discord with any questions.
POSTED 1-13-21
  Dear NHOL EASHL Member,
Eligibility To Play
If you are receiving this email you are either a drafted player in our 3v3 league, a new Free Agent, or someone who signed up to play in our league but have not gotten set up yet.
Our 5th Season of the NHOL 3v3 League will begin play this Friday night for all players drafted to teams.
If you are a Free agent you will be auto- assigned to a team a week from today on Tuesday 1-19-21.
If you have not gotten around to joining the NHOL and need help with setting up the Discord app we can help please message PlayStation Network Name Trevipapp and I will be happy to assist you.
Season 5
Season 5 looks to be a great season with our 16 teams ready to hit the ice.
The season has a 44 game schedule, with playoffs to follow.
Season 6 will have an expansion of 4 teams for a total of 20 teams.
If you wish to be considered to Manage an expansion team please contact Admin Trevpapp via email or using the Discord chat app.
I have included various links so that each of you can easily find the information you need on our website.
They are as follows:
The stats site contains all the team information including schedules, players, and game stats.
The rule book contains game play, draft, management, and disciplinary rules. If you have any questions regarding rules please consult with an Admin.
Chatroom Behavior
Our league is for mature individuals.
There are many leagues out there, and I am sure you have seen the good ones and the bad ones.
I do want to stress that our Administrative Group has put together a comprehensive list of rules pertaining to chatroom behavior.
We want you to have a lot of fun, interact with other players, and make lifelong friends.
We now have a total of 10 NHOL Admins that monitor the chat now, the majority who have 3 plus years experience in the NHOL Versus or EASHL Leagues.
Our goal is 24-7 monitoring by Admins in the main chat.
The main NHOL EASHL chat room is not a place where any bad behavior is tolerated.  
If an Admin advises you to stop or stand down, they are instructed to remove people from the chat that do not comply.
Suspensions or bans could result from anyone not complying.
Every season there is a lot of excitement before the start.
80% of the 150 players in Season 5 are people that have played previous seasons in the NHOL.
The managers and captains have their respective teams pumped.
The Admins have done an incredible job putting things together.
I want to wish everyone a great season and welcome all those new fellows for their first NHOL season.

Good luck men,
POSTED 1-9-21

It is Draft Night for Season 5 of the NHOL EASHL LEAGUE!

Ryne will be sending invites out to all Managers and Captains. I suggest you arrive early as possible.

The entire draft will be viewed by anyone who wishes in the league with a link posted in the main chat, the chat link will have mutes attached to it.
Please remember everyone will be watching and reserve your comments.
Your League President Brent will kick things off and go over some important information.
I will then say a few words.
I have included various links below and will explain all.
Links to all the data on the NHOL site can be seen at:

I believe the total free agents available will be about 85, and any additional free agents after the draft will be added to teams.
Brent will discuss the new FA program before the draft.
The official draft board that will be posted using a Google spreadsheet, and the link will be posted for all to see in the main chat.
Any questions you may have please contact the Admins today do not wait till the last minute.
Good luck guys this is going to be a great and fun filled season.



POSTED 12-27-20
Dear NHOL EASHL Member,

A new season will be starting in the next few weeks.
The managers are meeting tonight to finalize the draft and the season start.

If you're a Veteran Free Agent you are all set as far as being qualified to play in the league.
You do not need to play REL, but we are asking you to assist in helping new players that are joining the league to qualify through games of REL.
Each new player needs a minimum of 5 REL games to qualify for the draft.

In addition, I will be running a few REL tournaments over the next week.
The first tournament will take place Monday night at 1000 EST PM.
I will be setting up teams so please message me 10 minutes before the start of the tourney.
A second and third tournament will take place Wednesday and Friday at 1000 EST PM

Almost all of you know how the REL works, but I have made a change in the reporting of the game stats and how the games will be set up.
Reporting of game stats will now be very easy; send me the screenshot of the players in the game including goalies and their stats either in Discord or to my PSN Trevipapp.
Do not send to both.
Please make sure if your screenshots are taken with your phone the picture is clear.
Any game sent to me will be considered an REL game and all players will have their REL stats updated.
All players in the report must be either new free agents to the NHOL and registered or existing members.
The setup of games do not have to use the randomizer if you so wish.
The randomizer can certainly be used but teams can be selected using 2 captains or two teams challenging each other.
Basically anything goes.
If you are holding any screenshots please start sending them now.

If you have any questions please message me on Discord.


Dear EASHL Player,

Recently we redesigned the REL.

Here are important things that need to be addressed.

1-Game reports are not being sent in for whatever reason.

People are telling me that games they have played are not showing up.

This is unacceptable, and unfair.

One of the winning team should enter it!

It is a very simple thing to do. The report is easy to process and send in it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to enter.

All the links are on the website but here is a direct link to the form, 


2-Goalie stats incorrect when reported.

I wonder if a couple of you guys failed basic math.

The goalie stats are simple it says how many saves on the game report as example it says 7 saves.

If a team scored 5 goals the total shots would be inputted on the form as 12 shots and 7 saves.

I am getting a mixture of numbers in some cases.

3-New additions to the chat are being ignored when looking to play in some cases.

Please help new folks by communicating to them what period you are in and adding them to your party chat when free to do so.

In an additional an email coming out in the next few days it will be mandatory for all people new to the 3v3 and 6v6 leagues to play a minimum of 5 REL games before they are eligible to be added or drafted to a team.

4-Streaming of REL games.

This was originally stated as a must do when the league was opened for play.

It has gone out the window. Maybe 1 in 20 games are being streamed.

Every game 1 person needs to stream the game and post the link in the chatroom.


Get ready because veterans or new folks I am going to start grabbing people and doing a short 10 minute training session with each and everyone of you so you understand how to randomize, post the game report, and see that everyone knows how to stream.

6- How do you see your stats and game reports.

On the NHOL website there is a drop down box for EASHL the REL and all other EASHL information is there.

Once on the REL page you will see a main page that lists every player's rankings.


If you scroll down the page you will see a listing of all players names that have played REL and you can click an individual name to see your or other players pages.


The REL is a system for players to be scouted by Draft Team managers and Captains to see your ability in the game and to also play with you.

It only works if the information listed above is working.

If you have any questions please message me on Discord.


POSTED 8-8-20

Dear NHOL EASHL Player,

This email and posting on the website is being sent to existing NHOL EASHL members, new members, and fellows that played a little but never got the true chance to integrate into the community.

Please excuse the length of this posting but we have some important news for the current period, and going forward for the NHOL group.

The topics being covered are tonight's championship of the 3v3 League, , a tournament open to all community members that is based on your location, the expansion of our 3v3 Fall League with the addition of human goalies, and an explanation of the new Rated EASHL League (REL).

Please read the email entirely and ask Admins or Trev if you have any questions.

Trev will be on a party chat quite a bit this next weekend to explain the information listed here, and answer your questions, or DM me on Discord.

If you are not listed in the main EASHL chat please reply to this email that you need to be added in.


At 11 EST Sunday the New York squad will battle the Boston team in games 4-7 of the championship series.

The series is at 2-1 New York after the first 3 games Friday Night.

Both teams have elite players and should continue to be a very good match up.

Streams will be posted in the main EASHL chat room so stop in and watch the event.

NHOL North American EASHL Tournament

We are going to run an Olympic Style Tournament with players playing with teams made from their geographical areas.

Some areas will have more than one team entered such as Toronto, US East Coast, Vancouver.

In order to participate in the tournament we are sending a survey out for two reasons.

1-To find out what area you will be placed in.

2-To update all of your game skills for Season 4 of 3v3 and 6v6.


This season will have human goalies.

In order to play in the next season of 3v3 or 6v6 you must have the survey completed also.

Get them in fast please.

Season 4 EASHL Draft League

It is extremely important that you complete the above survey for the Draft League 3v3, listed above.

We are expanding to 16 teams next season with 2 divisions of 8 teams.

Human goalies, scoring will skyrocket.

Some people have applied to be a manager, please check that off on the survey and I will discuss it with anyone interested.

Due to the fact that EA has pushed back the game release till October 12th we have plenty of time with the Tournament before the season starts and to get everyone involved in playing the new listed Rated EASHL League REL listed below in the next section.

Rated EASHL League (REL)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Versus Rated Random League (RRL) , a few years ago we did the same thing in EASHL and its fun.

I will explain the basics and you can see more details at the following link:


Generally every evening games will be played and of course weekends during the day also are prime time.

Games can be 3v3 4v4 5v5 6v6 with human goalies, or no human goalies depending upon the amount of players available.

All individual stats are being kept: Goals, Assists, Wins, Losses, Goalie Stats, and an individual player Rating or CR specific to the NHOL.

The Rating math is easy. everyone starts at 1000.

Win a game go up 10 points, lose a game in regulation lose 10 points, lose in OT lose 5 points, Win as a Goalie get a 10 point bonus.

Just come into the main chat and ask to play a game, or just say I can play if players are looking for an additional player.

The other option is to have a team of 3 to 6 players looking for a challenge match.

If you have a team who wants to play in the NHOL REL you should have no problem having players accept your team challenge.

So for all you fellows looking to play with your friends this is a way to do it.

This is your opportunity to bring friends into the group.

One thing though all players who play must be a NHOL member and in the Discord main EASHL chat.

Do not wait till the last minute now is the time to get your buddies registered, and added to the Discord chat.

Please have them post your name in the registration as the referring person.

Team Managers are using this league to scout players for the upcoming draft in the fall.

For new people to the NHOL EASHL Group the more you play the better your chance to drafted to our main Draft League.

So solo or with a group of friends the REL is a great and fun place to play.

A group of players have been playing teh last few days as we did a quiet opening of the REL, but its tie to bring the group in.

Tonight Saturday 8-8-20 at 9 PM EST I will be holding the first REL tournament if you cannot attend at 9 PM EST games will be going on till the wee hours.

Just state you wish to play.

It make look a little complex but once you get playing its a snap.


The NHOL has had successful Versus leagues for 7 years this fall, and EASHL now for 2 years.

I am getting positive feedback from most of our existing members how well run things are, and it will only get bigger and better going forward.

I want to thank the veteran players, and welcome any new people that have registered but haven't played yet.

We are here to help you and answer your questions.

Additional Admins are being announced in 2 weeks as the larger we get the more help volunteering we need.


POSTED 4-28-20
POSTED 4-8-20
Any questions or comments just email the NHOL Administrators at

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