POSTED 9-29-19

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please read how to win a $50 PSN card in the Rated Random League.

Winner of the tournament will win a $50 PSN card, Runner up a $20, and third place a $20.

The 3rd place game will be a 1 game event.

Season 4 of the Rated Random League is in the books.

All 1276 games of the real NHL regular season have been completed.

Now we go onto the playoffs and here is how it works.

All those games played we put into the NHL standings on the website.

16 teams just like the real NHL make the RRL playoffs.

The top 12 players with most games played get to choose one of the 16 teams and use it throughout the RRL playoffs.

The other 4 teams get filled from play in tournaments listed below.

Anyone in the NHOL Community is eligible to try to play in.

There will be 4 play in tournaments for the last 4 spots.

If you get eliminated in one of the tournaments you can still qualify again in any of the others.

As example if I lose in tournament 1 I can try to qualify in Tournament 2, 3, or 4.

Play in tournament schedule:

Friday Night October 4th 9 PM EST.

Saturday Afternoon October 5th 2 PM EST

Saturday Evening October 5th 930 PM EST

Sunday Evening October 6th 900 PM EST

Once the final 4 play ins pick a team playoffs will begin.

All series are a best of 7 using the 2-2-1-1-1 format.




Season 5 for RRL is now open also, so play can begin there while Season 4 playoffs take place,

In the near future we are discarding using Google sheets and everything will be based in the randomizer and a form for game reports.

We will communicate instructions when this takes place as soon as our WebGuru gets it done, for now its same old way to record RRL.

That's it for now kids.

If you have any questions just ask.


POSTED 9-13-19

Guys and Samantha(Currently our only female who will kick your butt),


Here is how the draft will proceed for Season 15 of the NHOL.

Each first season the league has a random lottery for your draft pick #, meaning everyone has the chance to be anywhere from 1-31 in the draft order for teams.

This announcement will take place this Sunday night at 10 PM EST.

The actual draft itself will take place Tuesday night beginning at 930 PM EST.

You have two options to draft your team Tuesday night.

1- Be in the Team League Chatroom and private message me your pick, or to send in a list with all the teams listed up to your numbered selection.

Using This: The Draft Form Link

Meaning if you draft # posted Sunday is 18

I need your list to be 18 teams deep, not a list with like Tampa, Pittsburgh, and Calgary.

Please do not send in lists before Sunday night and the draft #s are posted.

If you are not in the chatroom within 10 minutes of being informed you are "On The Clock", and you do not send a list in you will bypassed until you surface to the next selection.


In addition to L1 -L4 Leagues there will be 2 addition Team Leagues, this year similar to what the Hardcore Leagues were but slightly different.

They will be the Alumni League 1 and the Alumni League 2.

It will work as follows:

IN NHL 20 this year EA has added Alumni teams, adding some of the great or favorite players that are retired NHL players to each of the 31 teams plus the Quebec Nordiques, Hartford Whalers, and the Minnesota Stars.

Some players are on multiple teams.

Not all the great players are included on each team due to an agreement with EA and the NHLPA, but many great ones are.

Each league will operate in this manner similar to how Hardcore was:

Alumni League 1 (A1) will consist of a mixture of 30 teams of L1 and L2 players.

Alumni League 2 (A2) will consist of a mixture of 30 L3 and L4 players.

The Schedule will be weighed where you play your same Division more games than the other.

A separate chatroom for Alumni play will be used so there is no confusion with regular Team Play.

The L2 players will have first choice of teams in A1 and the L4 players will have first choice in A2.

I will post when sign ups are ready about 2 weeks from today and a draft will take place.

Thats it for now folks. If you have any questions please ask in Groupme private message.


POSTED 9-7-19

Dear NHOL Community Member,

I know the excitement is growing as the NHL release date is only a few days away.

I would like to go over a few things with everyone so we are all on the same page going forward.

First of all it was a great year for the NHOL, our growth of membership continues to surge with many great new members coming into the community.

Our Versus Leagues grew to 5 last season,and we are looking at anywhere from 6 to 7 in 2020.

The EASHL/World Of Chel players really worked out well, with many people getting together, and forming teams and playing 3s and 6s mode.

This season we will have a great EASHL Team league, more information to follow in the next day,team managers/captains will be needed.

HUT has always been desired by alot of the community members and we are ready to roll it out in about a week.

In order to place everyone in the leagues they want to be in please take the time to fill out the following survey so I can add people to the proper chat rooms.


The time frame is as follows:

Versus 1 vs 1 Leagues L1-L5

Versus Leagues 1-5 draft will take place on Tuesday 9-17-19 at 9 PM EST.

The regular season will then open up on the following Sunday 9-19-19 at 1200 PM EST.

Each 1st season of the year there is a random lottery for your draft number, each season after is based on your record the previous season.

The lottery results will be posted via email Monday night, along with a link so that you can send a list of teams you would like to select in the draft.

Versus 1 vs 1 Rated Random Leagues

There are roughly 80 some games left in the Regular season for RRL Season 4.

These games should be played out very fast ionce the new game is released, and the RRL Season 4 playoffs will begin immediately.

All NHOL Community Members are eligible for the RRL Playoffs, there will be a special play in tournament held once the regular season is completed for 4 available RRL teams.

Versus 1 vs 1 Euro Leagues

The web designer is working on a Versus 1 vs 1 League strictly for our friends from Europe, using International Teams and a stats based website.

It should be completed soon and once it is there will be a draft for available teams.

HUT/EASHL World Of Chel

There will be separate emails sent tomorrow regarding HUT and EASHL please check your email box tomorrow evening.

Other Versus 1vs 1 Information

For those of you that have missed it L1-L4 have awarded NHOL Cups to all the winners congratulations to L1-AJ Colorado, L2-Jack B Detroit, L3-Graham Tampa Bay, and L4-Sheppard Winnipeg. The Hardcore League only has a game or 2 left in their finals and will be completed in the next game or 2.

Awards for all league can be viewed in the NHOL Leagues Archives.

Your individual Members History can be viewed in the NHOL Members History Link.

This season your names will have a different look to be more streamlined.

In the past as example a name would look like this L4--NSH--Psn--Trevipapp--Trev will now look like this 4-NSH-Trevipapp--Trev.

There will not have any funky team names such as Canucks of the West or Nordiques, all names will contain a 3 letter abbreviation for the team, a PSN and a first name and last initial.

Please read all emails, last season I saw many people just deleting whatever that was sent out, and asking questions in the chat or in private messages to me that were clearly spelled out in the email. 

I do not have time to answer questions that are clearly written.

All messages are posted in the News Link also on the website.

There will be much more information sent out in the next few days and weeks regarding the leagues, and many new people joining our group that will need assistance.

As usual some will not make the grade as far as attitude, or hitting our easy deadlines.

In closing, there is much to do in the next few days and weeks and I will be a busy beaver.

I will be promoting some new people to Admin rolls to help out this next season.

If you have any questions just ask.



POSTED 6-15-19


Another great season for the NHOL.

So many great new members!!

We did slip a little with our games played % but we added many, many new fine people to the group.


L1 512 Games Played of 713   72%

L2 553 Games Played of 713   78%

L3 626 Games Played of 713   88%

TL 1691 Of 2139                    79%

Our usual games played rate has always been over 90% but I feel we had a lot of veterans bail for whatever reason and in my opinion that is fine I never want people in the group who do not want to be here. Once the figures for L4 are added in the % will rise greatly as those guys are warriors and almost all will play most of their games. Also the played games total will go over 2500 games played which is fantastic, the most ever for a NHOL season.

I want to welcome our new members who came in last minute and only had the chance to play a few games in their first season.

I also want to thank some of the members who pulled double duty playing with more than one team.


The playoffs are about having fun.

Remember this is not playing no names in Online Versus Play, you are playing people in the NHOL, respect is a must win or lose.

Negative comments in the chat rooms will be shutdown immediately by Admins so no hissy fits, or backhanded comments if you lose.

The competition in the past has usually brought out great play and exciting games.


We have a simple procedure for game play reporting for playoff games.

Winner reports game, immediately. If I have to chase people for screenshots I will not be happy.

I also want a private message when the series is completed and what the series outcome was.

We do not use the website for stats, please check out the following link for information on how to report your games.


Do not send me photos from your phone on groupme or messaged on the Playstation.

Screenshots must be a Playstation screenshot messaged to PSN Trevipapp.

If you need help screenshot messaging the pics just ask.


The brackets for each league were calculated using the following criteria:

Total points, if two teams were tied the person with more games played gets the tie breaker.

Please check out the following link and scroll down to your league for your playoff match up.



Traditionally the 1st round even with a best of 5 takes a while as we have 31 teams battling.

Already I know of 4 or 5 people that are traveling, a death in the family, or have work related issues where they will not be available for a few days.

I will contact each person whose opponent is unavailable and communicate to them when the opponent will return.

I would like to see the first round completed by a week from Monday if possible at the latest.


Each game someone should stream the game and post the link in the chatroom.

Have fun guys.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.



POSTED 6-12-19

Dear NHOL Team League Owner,

The season end this Friday Night at 1159 PST.

We have added 1 day due to the fact that the Raptors are in the NBA finals Thursday and 60% of the league is from Canada, also the Game 7 with the Bruins and Blues is being played tonight.

The playoffs will begin Saturday night, or as soon as the playoff brackets are posted.

Do the best you can getting your games in and playoff eligibility will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


I will be assisting people in getting their games so look for me to help you find your opponents.

Thanks Trev


Dear Versus League Team Owner,

I am doing Power Rankings for each league tomorrow.

Please post any stats you maybe holding tonight so they will be included in the stats.


As you may have noticed we have removed people slow to play or non responsive to communications.

We usually sub these teams in with players from lower leagues or allow some players to have a team in each conference.

Currently, we only have one team in L1 open and that is the Rangers, it will be filled in the next day or so.

Taking that in mind the final deadline to get your games in has been established for each league it is as follows:

Leagues 1, 2, and 3 Thursday June 13th at 1159 PST.

League 4 Thursday June 20th at 1159 PST

Hardcore League Thursday June 27th at 1159 PST

The playoffs will begin the next day after the regular season ends.

Once the playoffs are underway we will take a 2 month hiatus till the new game comes out in September for Leagues 1-4.

Anyone wishing to play Hardcore League over the summer is welcome and if a second Hardcore needs to be set up we will do it.

In addition, we are nearing the 3/4 marl of the RRL season and everyone is eligible to make the RRL playoffs.

Please read the attached RRL Tutorial Link for further information, scroll down to the playoff information.

Thats it for now guys L1-L4 you have 4 and a half weeks to finish the season out. Get cracking!!






Backup Goalies must play 420 minutes per season otherwise you will be using your backup goalies in the playoffs.

Please check the following link so you can make the adjustments to your teams:



Each season we do 2 POWER RANKINGS for each league.

They are done purely for fun. The real Power Rankings are the playoffs.

Another will be done at the completion of the regular season.

So here they are:






Have fun and play nice kids,



Dear Versus League Team Owner,

I am doing Power Rankings for each league tomorrow.

Please post any stats you maybe holding tonight so they will be included in the stats.


As you may have noticed we have removed people slow to play or non responsive to communications.

We usually sub these teams in with players from lower leagues or allow some players to have a team in each conference.

Currently, we only have one team in L1 open and that is the Rangers, it will be filled in the next day or so.

Taking that in mind the final deadline to get your games in has been established for each league it is as follows:

Leagues 1, 2, and 3 Thursday June 13th at 1159 PST.

League 4 Thursday June 20th at 1159 PST

Hardcore League Thursday June 27th at 1159 PST

The playoffs will begin the next day after the regular season ends.

Once the playoffs are underway we will take a 2 month hiatus till the new game comes out in September for Leagues 1-4.

Anyone wishing to play Hardcore League over the summer is welcome and if a second Hardcore needs to be set up we will do it.

In addition, we are nearing the 3/4 marl of the RRL season and everyone is eligible to make the RRL playoffs.

Please read the attached RRL Tutorial Link for further information, scroll down to the playoff information.

Thats it for now guys L1-L4 you have 4 and a half weeks to finish the season out. Get cracking!!


Dear NHOL Team League Owner,

Congratulations to Jon Bens winner of the Season 13 L2 NHOL Cup with a 4 games to 1 win over Chris K.

Capping a great season for both of these fellows.

I want to apologize for the delay it took for the web site redesign and additions to it.

We had to wait almost a month longer than anticipated to start our recruitment period.

The current recruitment period has been going very well adding many new quality people to the Group.

Another recruitment period begins this weekend strictly targeting European and French Canadian players from Canada, England, Finland, Germany, and Sweden for the group.

Of course a small percentage of these additions will not make the grade long term, thats part of life.

I still have quite a few registration forms to process, it takes time to orientate new people and to set up times to do so.

Currently in all 4 leagues there are 10 teams available about 2-3 in each.

These teams should be filled by the end of the weekend.

At that point the first edition of the Season 14 power rankings for each league will take place.

The results should be posted Monday night.

Each 2 week period we look at the total games played for individuals.

New additions are not included in this group and hopefully they will catch up shortly.

Our goal at the end of the weekend should be near the 20 game mark as a target.

Again recent additions to the group are exempt from this number.

As usual if you feel this number will not be made by you, please talk to me so we can give you additional time to get your games in.

There are 3 people that have been existing owners who have been told hit the mark this week or else they face replacement.

One of the things that I have always abide by is people that sign on to play and suddenly disappear, or tell me they are quitting in the middle of the season.

Everyone has 1 forgiveness, but if you sign on again and do it again, basically your NHOL career is over for Versus League play.

We want people who are committed to the system. 

I have included a link to our Versus League Team Owners List.    <-----LINK

On this list you will find every current Play Station Network name in your, and all the leagues.

Please send friends requests to everyone with a small message in the optional message box saying as example "This is L3 Trev Bruins Owner".

Also please accept the requests you receive because it will allow you to track people currently not on Groupme, and expedite game play invites instead of searching for names.

People really enjoy streaming. If you know how to stream under a good connection please do and post it in the chat people love watching NHOL players play.

If you do not know how the Admins can help you do so, just ask.

In conclusion the last issue I would like to talk about is the 5 Goal Rule.

I am getting complaints that it is not being adhered to.

The rule is that when up by 5 goals do not shoot at the opposing goalie.

Do not cycle the puck and do not attack the player with the puck in their defensive zone.

Take the puck over center ice or up to his blue line dump it in and fall back and play defense.

Yes its boring but we are not here to humiliate people.

That is it for now gentlemen. Play Nice and play often!

Sincerely Trev


Dear Versus Team League Owner,

Please read the following information and ask questions if needed.


Tremendous job getting the first round match ups completed.

Of 44 1st round series 43 have been completed and the last one will be completed tomorrow.

There was a serious family medical issue with one of the participants that delayed things.

In order for the continuing rounds to be completed it is up to you and your opponent to contact each other via on both Groupme private message and Play Station Messaging. Keyword both.


The Admins sat down and restructured some of the players due to the addition of the L4 league to get a better grouping of players by ability.

Think of L1 as our top players, L2 a shade below that, and so on down the line.

There really is not much difference when you compare L1 to L2, L3 to L4 or L2 to L3.

Anyone who wishes to be in a higher or lower league please contact Trev, and he and the group will make the adjustments.

Players that are still alive playing we have to wait to see what the playoff outcomes are in also judging what league you will be placed.

I will update the brackets as a couple of series have been played since this writing.

Traditionally teams that win a league or finish in the top 4 or so get moved up.


The Season 14 Draft is now open.

As rounds end in the playoffs eliminated teams will be added to it, the tiebreaker is your regular season point total.

Also any new recruits will be added and I have a backlog new player registrations forms to process.

The new recruits will be more extensively screened in RRL as far as game play ability goes going forward, unless they are brought in by a current member referral.

Please look over the current NHOL SEASON 14 DRAFT BOARD.

If you wish to send in a list to speed things up use the



Here is the Season 14 lineup of leagues available in Versus 1 vs 1 going forward.

L1-L4 Leagues

We are forecasting a L5 and L6 next fall.

No one will be playing in more than one L1-L4 League (exception is the new HardCore League listed below) as we begin.

New recruits will be added as we go.

Subs used down the line if needed.

The season for all 4 leagues will end on Wednesday April 10th at 1159 PST.

16 weeks.

During the 16 weeks players are expected, to stay at a pace of 4 games per week. If someone hits more than 12 back of the pace they will be warned and could be replaced.

As soon as the schedule for each league is uploaded on the website the leagues are open for play.

Euro League

All of our European friends are still in L1-L4, and it i amazing how most of them completed 95% of their scheduled games last season.

In addition, most of them came in midway in the season.

While they play we will begin a major expansion into the European League base for Versus.

All of our Euro buddies are assisting in this, and I am emailing them to set up a meeting time as their input will be greatly needed.

HardCore League

Many of the elite L1 players have made comments in past seasons, and the current one that certain players play in a manner that is frowned upon in the NHL 20 community. 

This is nothing new that I am hearing.

In the past we did not have people play with strict rules in the leagues.

We have the basic rules:

The 5 goal mercy rule.

No scratched players.

No diving in the offensive zone, and these rues are currently in effect and will be the same next season in L1-L4.

We had these simple rules rather than fight about game play styles in chat rooms.

The thought process was people will self govern themselves about unwritten rules, and EA World Championships play rule less on a whole.

A group of Elite players are putting together the small list of rules they think needs to be added to the Hardcore League.

These rules will only apply to the Hardcore League for Season 14.

Once I receive the rules and post them on the site the Hardcore League will open for play with a draft.

My only rules that are mandatory to play in the Hardcore League are as follows:

You must have a stable connection to your play station either hardwired or the new PS.

You must be able to stream your game, or learn how to copy the game file at the end of the game to a USB.

With this in effect, the League Admins will then hear your complaints about game play styles and warnings could go out.

Players from L1-L4 are welcome to play in the Hardcore League, as a second team in Versus 1vs1 NHOL play.

If you wish to play in the HardCore League pleas email Admin@NHOL.Leaguesonline.Net and state you want in.


We all have friends that might like to play with our group. Some are great guys like your selves some are goof offs.

It never falls on you if you refer a friend to the group and they just do not live up to our character standards.

That being said any friends you have now is the time to get them orientated and set up with a team we have limited open spots,


Last week the Power Rankings and Season 13 Awards were announced. If you missed them check below.

Regular Season 13 Final Power Rankings




Season 13 Team and Player Awards





Things are going well, and I see great things for the Group as far as growth, fun, and great rivalries starting.

What sets the NHOL apart from other leagues is we are made of character.

Sure you may see someone blow up in the chat, it can happen.


Have fun kids and good luck if your still alive in the playoffs or for Season 14.


Dear NHOL Team League Owner,

Season 13 regular season was the best in the 5 years of the NHOL.

Many new wonderful people have come and joined the community.

A record amount of games were played and overall we still 

League 3 lead the way with 677 of 713 games into the record books

League 2 with 661 of 713 games into the record books.

League 1  with 665 of 713 games into the record books.

Totals between all leagues of 2139 scheduled games and 2003 Games into the record books or 93.64% well above our 90% target.

Some of you did not hit the target mark of 39 games.

All 3 leagues awards will be announced this weekend.

If you do not hit the target mark next season for Season 14 you will be deleted from the leagues, so fair warning going forward.

Beginning this weekend we will begin a recruitment period from our Communities listed on the play station.

Many new people will be coming in and added to our leagues.

Playoffs may be begin anytime after Friday 9 am EST 1/18/19

Game/Series Stats

Scoring reports for the playoffs are different than the regular season we do not use the stats website.

The winner of each game sends the screenshot reports in immediately at the conclusion of the game no delays at all!

The procedure is as outlined on the Season 13 Brackets Page.

Rounds 1-3 are a best of 5. Conference Championships and NHOL Cup Series are a best of 7.

All teams with the higher seed will be home the first 2 games. Then away for 2.

Once the first round is over in each league the draft of new teams will start, and play will begin for Season 14 as the Season 13 playoffs continue.

Hence the reason why we do not report stats on the site.

Please please please if the connection is solid stream your games and post a link in the chatroom.


There will be a realignment next season as so many new people have come into the group this season and so many more will be coming shortly.

There will be Leagues 1-4, a League strictly for European players, and an additional League called the Hardcore League which will have strict game play rules.

This weekend each team owner will be informed of which league they will be placed in by the Admins, before they draft a team.

This alignment will offer you the player better games against opponents close to your game play abilities.

Sportsmanship and Attitude

When the playoffs take place there is alot of intensity.

Testosterone runs high (with the exception of SamA in L2).

On occasion people get upset or call someone out on the chat.

This will be the only warning you get.

If anyone makes post game comments at your opponent that are negative in anyway the Admins are being told to immediately boot the person from the chatroom. If you have a problem message Trev, and we will discuss it like mature adults.

Here is the link to the brackets:  NHOL SEASON 13 PLAYOFF BRACKETS LEAGUES 1-3

That's it for now guys good luck and lets have some fun.

Questions or comments just ask




Dear NHOL Coach,

3 days to go in the regular season. The regular season ends this Wednesday night at 1159 PST.

Here is the information you will need for the final 3 days, playoff eligibility, the playoffs, and the draft for Season 14.

Final 3 Days of the Regular Season #13

These last three days traditionally its all hands on deck. Everyone plays!

We expect to see everyone in the chat rooms trying to get their final games played.

Please communicate to me via Groupme private message if there is a problem.

When I am in the chat please let me assist you in getting your games set up as I have knowledge of everyone who is online at one time.

It is going to get very very active.

Its an NHOL tradition, and to be honest is quite fun.

Requirements for your backup goalies this season is 420 minutes.

That is a combined number of all your backups.

Failure to hit the 420 mark will have you using your backup goalie to start the playoffs for whatever minutes are need to hit 420.

Playoff Eligibility

In most cases players will be eligible with just a few people disqualified.

I know exactly who has been in the chat room since the start of the season, who disappeared for long periods with limited communication, who procrastinated telling me I will play and did not, who has work or other issues, who is in odd time zones, and who is unavailable these next few nights.

We usually finish a season with over 90% of all games played across the leagues.

In some cases teams will have their games simulated with a computer vs computer, a sub player of lower ability may step in, or the player will not be eligible for the playoffs. Rarely does this have to happen.

The Playoffs

The playoffs will begin on Friday 1-18-19.

All 31 teams make the playoffs in each league unless a team/s is disqualified.

In the Western Conference of each league the #1 seed gets an automatic bye to the second round.

If there are any disqualifications added 1st round byes could take effect.

Brackets will be posted in Groupme and via email.

All rounds 1-3 are a best of 5 series,

Conference finals and NHOL Cup finals are a best of 7.

1st round playoffs need completion a maximum of 1 weeks time.

Communication between you and your opponents needs to start immediately once the brackets are posted.

If players do not communicate I will ask for screen shots of communications.

Each series must be completed within a week, with no series have more than 2 times where the games take place.

Teams that lose games tend to fade away, wanting to regroup at times which is fine but the series must be completed a maximum of 2 times.

Completing the series in 1 crack is always the best.

If you are having problems communicating with your opponent do not wait till 1 day before the playoff deadline to inform me your having a problem communicating with your opponent.

We do not use the stats website for playoffs.

We take limited stats for playoff games, and use a form that you will receive prior to the playoffs start.

Season 14 Draft and League Realignment

Due to the amount of new people that have joined the NHOL since September, and the open recruitment that we are doing for Versus, HUT, and EASHL we expect membership to grow dramatically the next few weeks. There will be at least 20-30 new people coming into Versus 1vs1 Leagues alone, hence the addition of a League 4 added. 100's more for HUT and EASHL

In doing so some people currently are really in leagues that they need to be realigned to.

The Admins will go over a potential list and publish them as soon as the playoffs begin.

Teams will draft under the following criteria:

After the first round teams that get eliminated, which 90% of the time is lower seeded teams will be placed into the draft pool.

A tie breaker is who had less points in the regular season, followed by a head to head matchup with any ties in points.

If a lower seed upsets a higher seed in the playoffs the higher seed goes into the draft pool, immediately using the regular season points structure.

As soon as the draft begins and teams are chosen the new season 14 begins play even though the playoffs are continuing from Season 13.

Links To The NHOL Website

Here are some helpful links:

Team Owners List to send PSN message to play





This is the fun time of the year.

The rush to complete the season, the playoffs, and the draft for a new fresh season.

Any questions or comments just private message me on Groupme.

Have fun and play nice kids,








Any questions or comments just email the NHOL Administrators at Admin@NHOL.Leaguesonline.Net

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