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All of our leagues are for mature people who like to play in structured leagues.
All players are placed in leagues based on game play ability
If your an elite player or a beginner we have a league for you.
A veteran community member explains to you how everything works.
The NHOL Has 4 Options for EA NHL 21 PS4 Play
1-The Team 1 vs 1 Versus League
Where you draft an NHL team and compete against 30 other NHL owners in a league format.
2-The Versus 1vs1 Rated Random League
Where you play randomly scheduled games from the real NHL schedule and get ranked.
The Rated Random League has a great program of community gifts and prizes.
3-EASHL Leagues
A-Get drafted by a Team Owner, and play with a NHOL League Team.
B-Open Rated Play bring your buddies and friends to battle in a ranked format.
Playing both 3vs3 and 6vs6 formats
4-The EASHL Team League
Get drafted for one of our NHOL EASHL All Star Teams
Compete Against The World.

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