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All of our leagues are for mature people who like to play in structured leagues.
All players are placed in leagues based on game play ability
If your an elite player or a beginner we have a league for you.
A veteran community member explains to you how everything works.
The NHOL Has 2 Options for Versus 1vs1 EA NHL 22 PS4 Play
We have 2 different types of Versus 1vs1 Leagues.
The Team Versus 1vs1 Leagues (Team) and the Rated Random Leagues (RRL).
Team Versus 1 vs 1 Leagues
Currently in our 5th year of play and our 13th season. This league is where you draft a team and play with that one team the entire season. Each year we play 3 seasons per edition of EA NHL. At the end of the regular season every team makes the playoffs in the Versus 1vs1 Leagues. Once the playoffs are completed and a playoff champion is crowned we hold a draft for new teams.
The team with the worst record drafts first and so on. Individual game statistics are kept on out Stats website, they include things like team shots, penalties, face offs won, hits, and individual stats like who scored assisted or goalie stats.
The first couple of times entering stats takes a few minutes but after that its a breeze.
We have a complete stats tutorial on how to enter them.

There are four Team Versus 1vs1 Leagues all based on ability

New players that come into the community are all put through a short evaluation period to decide what league to place them in.
League 1--Elite Players
League 2--Above Average Players
League 3--Average Players
League 4--New To The Game Or Just Like To Play
The evaluation period is completed through our Rated Random League (RRL).

Rated Random League The RRL has a two different purposes.

It is used to evaluate new people's playing ability in Versus 1vs1 play, and also allows players of any ability to play games against each other in a fun format.
We are currently in our 4th RRL season. Each season we take the entire real NHL schedule and list every game on a schedule.
When two community members feel like playing a RRL game the first thing they do is look on the NHL Schedule and look at the next unplayed game.
As an example the next unplayed game is Chicago at Anaheim

On our website we have what we call the Randomizer.
One of the players enter Chicago @ Anaheim and the two community members playing.

The Randomizer decides who is Chicago and who is Anaheim.

The game gets played and a score is entered on the spreadsheet and who played the game.

The website updates Chicago and Anaheim's record.

The website also tracks each community member's win loss record, goals scored/against, and each persons rating.

Everyone starts at a Rating of 1500 and goes up when you win, down when you lose.

The amounts it goes up and down varies against your opponent's Rating. You gain more rating points by beating a higher rated opponent.

So we use the RRL League to evaluate new players and a fun way to play NHL using Random teams, but that's not all.

At the end of the Rated Random season when all games are played 16 teams are eligible for the playoffs just like the real NHL.

The top 12 community members with the most games played then draft any team they want out of the 16 playoff teams and play with that 1 team for the playoffs.

The remaining 4 teams come from a special tournament open to all community members.

We have prizes for the final 4 Community Members.

Winner of the NHOL RRL Cup receives a $50 PSN card Second $20 Third $10 Fourth $10.

So the RRL is not just an evaluation area its a fun area to play games against anyone and to possibly win prizes.

I have included a link that describes the entire process step by step 

League Gameplay rules are as follows:
If up by 5 goals you must just dump the puck and play defense we do this so players do not run up the score.
No diving or dropping to one knee when in your opponents offensive zone.
No using scratched players, ony players eligible to play from the current EA rosters.

If you have any questions please contact any league Administrators via Email  NationalHockeyOnlineLeagues@Gmail.Com

Any questions or comments just email the NHOL Administrators

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